Cyber Security EAM 

Solution Brief

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Nuvolo recognizes the growing importance of managing cyber security for network connected medical devices. Modern health systems operate everything from IoT enabled medical devices to complex medical systems of interconnected equipment. A robust cyber security management strategy that encompasses people, process, automation, intelligent correlation and monitoring technologies is needed to secure medical devices on the network. Many health systems are struggling with medical device cyber security as a result of disparate procurement and onboarding processes, old, non-standardized CMMS systems and inadequate or untrusted medical device inventories. Each of these challenges is addressed byNuvolo’s medical device cyber security platform utilizing the following capabilities and processes.

Medical device cyber security for a connected world.

Modernizing a health systems cyber security for better and safer patient care.

Secure Onboarding Processes 

• Ensure business processes for securely onboarding medical devices. 

• Systematically enforce process controls to ensure every medical device has a security profile created.

Enrich & Correlate Network Monitoring Events 

• Leverage the platform to identify, contextualize, enrich and act on medical device events from security monitoring ecosystem.

Robust Asset Identification 

• Extend beyond MDS2 to ensure more comprehensive medical device cyber security profiles. 

• Assess your medical device inventory against published vulnerabilities to identify risks.

A Single System of Action 

• Correlate and respond to threats against your medical devices. 

• Automate notification, creation and routing of corrective maintenance work orders for initiating remediation activities. 

• Proactively assess newly published threats.

Secure Onboarding Processes 

Securely onboarding medical devices into a single system of record is mandatory for medical device procurement and ingress into the health system. The process must ensure that new, replacement or loaner medical devices are properly secured before being enabled on the network. Network connected medical devices cannot be assessed or securely configured using traditional IT tools and processes. Nuvolo’s Medical Device Cyber Security platform provides digitalization of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and automated rules-based enforcement. The platform also ensures that every medical device is onboarded securely with auditable and attestable processes. Capabilities in this area allows the health system to enforce security configuration procedures at the point of ingress and ensure policy is followed.

Enrich & Correlate Network Monitoring Events 

Traditional IT discovery and monitoring tools struggle with understanding medical and IoT devices. Most clinical, lab and facilities equipment is not based on standard PC and server hardware, operating systems or applications. Nuvolo’s Medical Device Cyber Security platform provides the context that IT tools cannot to ensure published vulnerabilities or cyber security events are acted upon in the full context. This includes not only manufacturer, model and network identification, but also the owning department, real-time physical location, visualization using native floor mapping technology and the responsible business owner, OEM or service provider for notification.

Robust Medical Device Identification 

Identifying medical, laboratory and facilities devices by the manufacturer model and version information is not enough for correlation and vulnerability assessment. Nuvolo’s Medical Device Cyber Security platform captures rich device security profile information using a physical inventory process and populating Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) identities for each device, wherever available. Nuvolo assess the CPE identities for each medical device against the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) feed to proactively identify affected assets before they can be exploited.

Single System of Record & Action 

A modern platform is needed to serve as the structural foundation for cyber security risk mitigation. Standardizing the health system on a single, modern system of record is a prerequisite for achieving and sustaining risk mitigation for today’s pervasive cyber security threats.

The medical device cyber security platform serves as a building block to support required process and technology improvements including: 

• Ingress consolidation 

• Cyber compliant onboarding 

• Supply chain systems integration Expanded cyber-proof master data file 

• Modern cyber-centric physical inventory process

The platform also serves as the source of truth for medical device data and single system of action. The capabilities of the Nuvolo cyber security platform include integration with network and security monitoring technologies to ingest the following medical device events: 

• Discovery 

• Utilization 

• Security

The platform provides for automatic correlation and event enrichment with policy-based actions. These actions are based on matching and precedence rules, which allow for fine grained control and automation including: 

• Auto-work order creation and routing to ensure technicians, OEMs or service providers immediately remediate device vulnerabilities 

• Auto-enrichment of events back to the source system for further processing by IT security 

• Simultaneous and coordinated response by IT security and clinical engineering to ensure medical device vulnerabilities are remediated or that mitigating controls are implemented when remediation is not possible due to age of medical device.