Feb 08, 2023
By Lisa Laczynski

Nuvolo Receives New CAD Patent

Nuvolo Receives New Patent, Completing the End-To-End Process of Interpreting Data from CAD into Modern Connected Workplace Platform

This innovative technology is a part of the robust space and reservations management offering specifically designed to deliver an exceptional end-user experience.


WELLESLEY, Mass.Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nuvolo, the world’s fastest-growing workplace software company, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Pat. No. 11,514,205 on November 29th, 2022, which completes the process related to space planning and management as part of Nuvolo Connected Workplace. Nuvolo holds two patents contributing to this framework, and they will remain in force until 2038.

These patents are related to the automated interpretation of CAD diagrams, extraction of space attributes and profiles, and the calculation of space data. The technology works to interpret graphical images or data sets that can be consumed by Nuvolo Connected Workplace to enable space management teams to work within one, modern end-to-end solution. This eliminates redundant and disconnected processes when working with CAD diagrams for space planning and reservation management.

In addition, the patents enable interactive floor plan usage by managers, technicians and engineers that are planning, installing, building, maintaining, or auditing enterprise assets.

“We are excited to have the grant of these patents as formal recognition of our innovation and forward thinking. We continue to lead from the front by reimagining antiquated processes and building solutions to better our customers with Nuvolo Connected Workplace, a modern IWMS”, said Tao (Jake) Ye, Chief Technology Officer, Nuvolo.

“The completion of the end-to-end space planning and reservation management process bolsters our intellectual property protections, confirming we continue to build Nuvolo Connected Workplace from the ground up to better serve our customers and partners”, said Tom Stanford, CEO, Nuvolo. These patents ensure that fast followers, which have become prevalent post-pandemic, cannot encumber the groundbreaking work our Global Innovation Team has been delivering to the marketplace for years.”

About Nuvolo

Nuvolo is the global leader in modern, cloud-based connected workplace solutions, Built on NOW™. Nuvolo provides a single platform to manage all people, physical locations, assets, and work across the business. Industries served include healthcare, life sciences, retail, public sector, higher education, technology, financial services, and enterprise. Nuvolo is headquartered in Wellesley M.A., with a global workforce located throughout North America and Europe.