Nov 19, 2021
By Lisa Laczynski

Nuvolo and Armis Announce Partnership to Strengthen OT Security & Improve Data Interoperability

PARAMUS, N.J., Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nuvolo, the fastest growing Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) provider and Armis, the leading unified asset visibility and security platform provider, announce today a strategic partnership to improve the overall risk posture of asset-intensive industries. Enhanced data interoperability between Nuvolo’s OT Security and Maintenance solutions and the Armis platform, together with data enrichment bi-directionally, better protects vulnerable Operational Technology (OT) from cyber-attacks and improves overall network security.

“I’m excited to commence this important strategic partnership with Armis,” said Tom Stanford, CEO, Nuvolo. “The asset-intensive industries we serve face a growing and pervasive OT cyber security threat. Nuvolo’s pioneering OT security orchestration and automated response (OT SOAR) platform combined with Armis Agentless Device Security gives our clients an end-to-end OT security lifecycle solution. This partnership allows our customers to address OT security in the same comprehensive way they manage their IT security risk.”

The Armis platform helps secure operations by providing device discovery, monitoring, behavioral risk assessments, and automatically responds to anomalies that put devices at risk. Nuvolo provides full lifecycle management of enterprise and clinical devices together with appropriate device context and risk profiles. Together, this partnership ensures organizations can leverage their investments in security technologies to respond to prioritized threats efficiently.

“The increased interoperability will further enrich Nuvolo Connected Workplace by leveraging the Armis platform to perform continuous asset discovery, device vulnerability identification, and threat intelligence contextualization for all devices with the ability to connect to the network. This enhancement will greatly help customers drive costs down by improving operational efficiencies regarding asset life cycle management across all industries,” said Peter Doggart, Chief Strategy Officer, Armis.

Vulnerabilities in OT go beyond the security risk of the device itself. The impact of a compromised device can influence continuity of operations, and it is critical for organizations to have full visibility into every device both on and off their networks to analyze behavior and identify risks to help remediate systems affected by security events and vulnerabilities.

The partnership between Nuvolo and Armis features data interoperability related to:

  • Device discovery: The Armis platform’s asset discovery capabilities and expansive device knowledgebase enrich data within Nuvolo for a comprehensive device inventory. This improves the confidence of vulnerability information, helping security teams prioritize alerts and determine response workflows. Device-specific data from Nuvolo helps the Armis platform improve device properties used to calculate vulnerability impact of software components, aiding security teams with additional visibility into their environment.
  • Risk analysis and work order automation: The Armis platform provides contextual device vulnerability and behavioral data to Nuvolo to aid in risk prioritization and remediation workflows. Enhanced operability between Nuvolo and the Armis platform helps organizations optimize operations by identifying and locating devices and providing utilization insights. Native integration allows response actions to be triggered in either system based on alert sensitivity, easing the training burden on operational staff.
  • Behavioral data: The Armis platform enriches device interaction data in Nuvolo that is useful to security teams to understand inter-device dependency, baseline normal traffic communication and data flows between devices. This information is also used to troubleshoot potential issues with devices that are showing indications of errors manifesting as abnormal network traffic.

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