Oct 12, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell
Solution Overviews

Connected Workplace for Life Sciences – Lab Maintenance

Make Science Work Better

Optimize your lab equipment and facilities maintenance to maximize lab productivity

Lab and research scientists need to know that their equipment is maintained and in top condition; equipment availability, utilization, validation status, calibration, and security are critical to success. And, their labs need to be spotless to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Any downtime will delay important research or diagnostic work.

Lab management teams do a fantastic job of navigating quality control and compliance guidelines while keeping their labs and equipment in pristine order. However, if your organization is still using spreadsheets, legacy EAM systems, or outsourced the work to third-party vendors your lab is most likely operating in a disconnected, often fragmented state.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace gives you a single platform shared across all your labs and the people and vendors that maintain your lab equipment and facilities.

We understand that your innovative labs need a GxP-compliant, modern, mobile-first, scalable, cyber-aware platform. And that your network of labs should communicate and run on one connected solution.

Your scientists, lab managers, equipment engineers, biosafety groups, contract managers, maintenance crews, administrators, and more all access and work from a single platform, resulting in impeccably well-run lab facilities and equipment management programs.

Superior Lab Management on One Connected Platform

Lab equipment and facilities maintenance activities must navigate a labyrinth of compliance guidelines, procedures, and reporting. It’s a team effort that requires a lot of communication and detailed processes. Nuvolo helps you navigate the maze of tasks and functions.

Accurate Equipment Inventory and Management – Lab management starts with meticulous equipment maintenance. Inventory, maintain, and track all your lab devices across all your lab locations on one platform.

No matter what technician or department works on a device, they use our mobile app to update and report on their equipment maintenance activity, resulting in impeccable accurate device service history.

Reduce Lab Downtime with Advanced Work Order Management

Corrective Maintenance – Lab staff can quickly report a problem through our mobile application or self-service website. The work order then gets dispatched to the appropriate equipment technician, facilities engineer, or third-party vendor; they use Nuvolo’s mobile app to navigate to and fix the problem quickly.

When device, equipment, and location data are captured on one platform, you can create smart dispatching. Smart dispatching uses workflows and business rules to automate and automatically route work orders to the right person at the right time.

Preventive Maintenance – A well designed preventative maintenance program lowers your chances of premature equipment replacements or unexpected downtime.

Use smart dispatching to automated preventive device management programs. Work orders can auto-run and automatically be assigned based on due date, location, certifications, device performance, etc.

Automate Calibration Schedules – Save time and resources by automating your calibration schedules. Track each calibration procedure for compliance reporting and use reverse traceability to know the reference standard tools are used in each calibration.

Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) – Our AEM workflows allow you to document and identify better ways to maintain lab devices while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance, including FDA reporting standards.

Rounds Capabilities – Assign your staff digital checklists for performing periodic inspection tasks, such as safety equipment inspection or custodial rounds. If a checklist item fails, they can submit a corrective work order in real-time from our mobile app.

Device Cyber Security – As more lab devices connect to the network, the risk of cyber security becomes a real challenge for lab managers and facilities teams. Nuvolo OT Cyber brings lab device data to cyber security monitoring tools, so IT, Security, and Facilities teams share visibility. They know where the device is, what it is, and can act on threats and vulnerabilities.

Key Workflows:

  • FDA Support and Mapping
  • GxP Compliance Tracking
  • Skills and Competency Tracking
  • Product Recall and Safety Alert Management
  • Standard or Custom Risk Inclusion Frameworks

Key Reporting:

  • FDA Compliance
  • Validation Status
  • Calibration
  • Reverse Traceability
  • Device Utilization
  • Capital Planning
  • Vendor Performance Tracking
  • Repair History and Cost Tracking
  • Device Lifecycle Management


Key Capabilities:

  • Calibration – Deliver measurement precision to ensure high-quality experiments and manufacturing excellence using one modern platform.
  • GxP Compliance – Speed up certification and reduce compliance risks with one platform to improve production and process controls, documentation, and work order management. Also includes 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliance for electronic signatures.
  • Lab & Manufacturing Equipment Management – Ensure laboratory and scientific instruments and manufacturing equipment are available and reliable with a low total cost of ownership and proper utilization.
  • Vendor Management – Track all of your third-party vendors and make sure they are maintaining and calibrating equipment according to the service levels and entitlements outlined in their contracts. Measure your vendors’ overall performance and specific costs to improve your overall vendor spend and service levels.
  • Workplace Management – Improve the maintenance, safety, usage, and planning of the workplace for research, development, and manufacturing, all from one platform.
  • OT Cyber Security – Reduce the cyber security threat for your network-connected laboratory and scientific instruments and manufacturing equipment to ensure safety and availability.