Aug 17, 2021
By Leslie O'Connell
What's New?

What’s New in Real Estate – August 2021

We’ve redesigned our Real Estate lease management solution to meet the needs of our enterprise clients. The new user-friendly interface is only the beginning.    

The new Real Estate solution gives you all the tools to understand your real estate properties and footprint, so you can create a comprehensive real estate strategy that aligns with your overall corporate strategy.

In addition to streamlined lease contract management workflows, key features include:

  • Managing both lessee and lessor-side lease contracts for a consolidated view of all your leases
  • The tools to handle lease financials, with the ability to set up data fields for GAAP and IFRS lease accounting
  • Easily modifiable workflows for lease scheduling and recurring lease payments
  • The ability to create and manage even the most complex contract options
  • Notifications and KPI tracking for important lease management dates and milestones


Evaluate your real estate properties quickly with a dashboard view of contract specifics, payments, important dates, and property details.screenshot-1-01-realestate-comp

Manage even the most complex contract options by capturing the vital information needed to make informed property decisions. 

Manage property payments efficiently, create workflows for recurring payments and notifications for important payment milestone dates.

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