Feb 11, 2021
By Tony Bailey
What's New?

Traceable Calibration is Now Available as Part of the Maintenance Solution


With the Latvia release, the Maintenance solution now includes traceable calibration capabilities, enabling maintenance and quality teams to ensure the safety and availability of lab assets and clinical devices.

Calibration of lab assets or clinical devices against reference standards is critical for asset availability and device safety. The industry terminology for a device being calibrated is a “Device Under Test” or DUT. Reference Standards are the instruments used to perform the calibration of lab assets or clinical devices.

Traceable Calibration is valuable because when a calibration is performed, the details of the Reference Standard used, along with the calibration results give the maintenance and quality teams the ability to keep track of details such as asset and device location, manufacturer, model, serial number, asset tag, calibrated date, and calibration due date – into one single trusted platform.

In addition, a Calibrator Usage tab is now part of the Reference Standard Details. Calibrator usage lists the DUTs that a Reference Standard has been used to calibrate. This feature is critical to Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical users and is known as Reverse Traceability. This allows for the quick identification of DUTs calibrated if there are any issues with a Reference Standard.

All the results are auditable as all the relevant details are available to review, demonstrating a professionally managed calibration process.

To learn more about Calibration as part of our Maintenance solution, watch this short video.


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