Manufacturing EAM

Ensure manufacturing equipment, other operating technology and the built environment are safe, compliant and productive

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Plants Powered
by Real-Time Reporting

Lean manufacturing is about continuous improvement, driving down cost and competing globally. Our reporting and analytics engine provides real-time visibility into full asset lifecycle management, better plant operations, improved availability and cost optimization.  

Simply acquiring, implementing and supporting manufacturing equipment is no longer enough. Our platform provides real-time operational and analytical data on demand.

Connected & Disconnected Mobile

Empower Plant Engineers

Provide your service management team a simple, user-friendly mobile experience with or without connectivity.  Work orders, contracts, parts or other data is captured offline at the point of service and then synchronized when connectivity is available.

INventory Tracking & Management

Transform Inventory & Parts Management

Track parts, associated costs and enable visibility on inventory usage. Engineers execute transfers, new purchases and drawdowns from inventory in real time with auto-replenish thresholds.

Visual Editor

Say Goodbye to Clumsy Customizations

Free yourself from inflexible, legacy EAM and CMMS. Make form, field and workflow changes in minutes, without waiting months and relying on costly services from your vendor.

Quickly adapt with our
easy-to-use visual editor.


Features Your Legacy EAM or CMMS Cannot Match

It’s time to modernize your EAM or CMMS.

Our modern, cloud-based platform reduces unplanned downtime, improves safety and lowers costs

  • Capital Planning & Forecasting
  • Production Checklist Management
  • Hazard Management
  • Intelligent Work Order Routing
  • Interactive Floor Mapper


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