Facilities EAM 

Product Overview

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Modern Maintenance Management


Properly managing and maintaining facilities is critical, complex, and requires the right tools and processes. The requirements for technicians and facilities managers change not only from company to company, facility to facility, but as often as week to week based on new compliance or business needs.

Conventional Approach

Legacy CMMS products were designed as one-size-fits-all systems with limited configurability or mobile capability, and that’s understandable: the technology available when most CMMS systems were originally built allowed for little flexibility, and the concept of mobile devices was in its infancy.

The Modern Alternative: Nuvolo

Nuvolo’s Facilities Maintenance product leverages a state-of-the-art architecture that delivers maximum flexibility, enabling, for example:

- End-user Self-Service

- Executive-level reporting and analytics

- Configurable forms to enable faster time-to-market

- Improvements in business process workflow

- A “mobile-first” design strategy providing the technician a    better user experience

Taking Maintenance Management to the Next Level Nuvolo’s solution offers:

- Digital Procedure Checklists

- Active Knowledge Base

- Floor Mapping, Space Planning,and CAD Integration

- Asset Management, Contracts,and SLAs

- Work Orders & Dynamic Dispatching

- On-Line and Off-Line Mobile Capability