Facilities EAM 

Product Overview

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Modernize Inspection Rounds


In addition to preventative and corrective maintenance tasks, Facilities Management, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), and Clinical Engineering teams are also charged with periodic inspection tasks that can consume precious resources.

These include:

- Safety equipment inspections (e.g. fire extinguishers, Exit      signs, eye-wash stations, emergency lighting)

- Environment of Care Checks (e.g. trip hazards, unsecured    oxygen tanks, hallway obstructions, items stored on floors)

- EH&S Rounds (e.g. department and room safety      inspections)

- Custodial Rounds (floors cleaned or vacuumed, trash      emptied, conference rooms cleared of lunch remnants)

Conventional Approach

Using home-grown or legacy CMMS solutions, Facilities, EH&S and Clinical Engineering teams are forced to conduct routine inspection operations manually, relying on paper-based processes that are inefficient, error-prone, and allow for little, if any, reporting. Inflexible systems with fixed workflows may, for example, require a facility with 200 Exit signs to generate 200 individual inspection tasks, a process repeated 2 or 3 times annually.

The Modern Alternative: Nuvolo

Nuvolo customers, on the other hand, leverage our “Rounds” functionality, which allows users to generate Rounds quickly, identifying either locations (e.g. rooms) or assets (e.g. fire extinguishers) in a given facility in seconds, and assign the Round to the appropriate person that needs to conduct the round procedure. With a few clicks, hundreds of individual tasks are replaced by a single Round.

Taking Critical but Routine Inspection Operations to the Next Level

With Nuvolo, technicians access their assigned Rounds on their mobile device, and the native Nuvolo mobile application leads them location by location or asset by asset to where they complete a short inspection checklist, electronically, at their fingertips. If the asset or location is barcoded, Nuvolo users can scan the barcode with their mobile device, further accelerating the inspection process. And, when an asset fails an inspection, the technician can open a corrective work order immediately, at the site of the inspection.

Nuvolo’s advanced scheduler allows users to set up Rounds to run at just about any interval (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly), start on specific days of the week, or even days of the month (e.g. every 3rd Thursday). When a Round is due, it’s automatically placed in the technician’s “My Rounds” module running on their Nuvolo mobile application.

Open, completed, in-progress, and other Rounds reports are easily generated and immediately updated as technicians report progress at the site of the inspection.