Jan 22, 2021
By Leslie O'Connell
Solution Overviews

Physical Inventory as Part of Your Maintenance Solution

A highly accurate and comprehensive physical inventory of assets is the foundation of any successful equipment maintenance program.

Whether you’re in a hospital, a campus, pharmaceutical lab, convenience store, or a corporation that’s auditing capital equipment, inaccurate data can lead to a cascading set of costly mistakes.

The accuracy of this baseline inventory data affects every stage of your equipment lifecycle.

Physical inventory requires going to or finding assets, verifying location and description, capturing asset-specific data, reporting any changes, and reconciling the asset in your fixed asset database.

Still today, physical inventory teams are going floor to floor, jotting down information on spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets tracking thousands of critical assets? The chance of human error and costly mistakes is very high.


Physical inventory is too important for spreadsheets

Gain control over all your equipment and assets with Nuvolo. Our Physical Inventory solution gives you the tools to automate and simplify your inventory process.

No duplicate systems and one central database facilitate asset inventory data and lifecycle management.

Key Features


Mobile App – Our mobile app guides your inventory takers to locations and meticulously through each task using checklists. Forms are automatically provided based on the asset and information needed.

  • Bluetooth scanners are supported.
  • Photos can be added to the official asset record.

Discrepancy Reporting – Use our pre-designed reporting template to see the delta between your known assets and those found by your inventory team.

Configurable Inventory Forms – Capture the fields significant to your organization and assets you own. Design the forms that make sense to your inventory process.

Asset Review Process – Create verification workflows after inventory is complete and before asset data is finalized.

The Connected Workplace Difference

The Connected Workplace means your asset inventory data is automatically part of your space, facilities, and cybersecurity platform.

Here are some clear advantages to inventory as part of one connected solution:

Asset Onboarding – Nuvolo’s asset onboarding functionality provides workflows and forms to input new devices, deliver them to their areas and auto-generate inspection work orders.

Asset Maintenance – Once an asset is added or updated, it’s part of the platform that provides clear prioritization, easy engagement, and efficient completion of work orders.

Cybersecurity Advantage – Our Security OT solution uses the data captured during inventory to protect network-connected devices.

Interactive Floor Plans – Nuvolo’s robust interactive floor plans visually guide inventory staff through your buildings and to equipment locations.


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