May 20, 2021
By Sarah Czarnowski
What's New?

New Calibration Capabilities Available for Life Sciences

Our Maintenance solution now includes new features to help Life Sciences organizations automate their calibration processes and reduce calibration overhead. These features include five weighing tests and test weight management functionality.

You now have the ability to add test weight standards (both conventional mass and nominal mass) within the system to facilitate calibrations. Access to test weight standards automates the calculation of the input weight for a test point.

Using the defined test weight standards, you can conduct five calibrations tests, which are selected as individual data sheet templates:

  • Weighing Test: records different weights to ensure that the measures are accurate in a linear way (e.g. instruments range from 0g to 1000g)
  • Repeatability Test (USP 41): records the measure of how close a particular result is relative to other measurements by the same device when the same conditions are applied; the data sheet requires 10 separate measurements and automatically calculates whether the equipment is calibrated within the required range; it also includes standard ranges defined by USP 41
  • Eccentricity Test: records a weight when it is placed at set locations within a pan to ensure that the weight is consistent regardless of where it is placed or the shape of the pan
  • Minimum Weight Test: records the minimum sample required to perform an accurate quantitative analysis

Availability of these tests within Nuvolo Connected Workplace will automate calibrations and reduce errors for various pieces of your equipment throughout manufacturing plants and laboratory settings. Each data sheet calculates output errors automatically, cutting down on the number of calculations necessary to calibrate your equipment. Additionally, due dates for Reference Standard calibrations have been added, alerting users to the lapse and requiring them to acknowledge it before they can proceed to record its use for calibration.

Visit the Maintenance page for more information.

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