Mar 11, 2021
By Tony Bailey
What's New?

Integrate Sensor and Badge Data for a Complete View into Space Utilization



Our space solution now includes a space occupancy framework. The framework provides the groundwork for integrating your sensor, badge swipe, and device scan location services.

With this integration, you can enable your real estate management team to reduce costs with real-time, more accurate space utilization monitoring. The framework logic stores data when a device, such as people or assets, scans into a location and gives your team the ability to:

  • Roll up unique scans per time period (daily or hourly), per device, or per location.
  • Calculate the utilization percentage for each cost center, like a department, on a floor per time period, such as the last 30 days.

This new addition to our space solution helps organizations ensure that their building and facilities spaces are used in the most effective way, saving costs and redundancy.

Visit the Nuvolo Space solution page for more information about optimizing space occupancy.