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Clinical Healthcare

Solution Brief
Apr 28, 2020
By Lisa Laczynski

Safety and patient care means clinical equipment that is maintained consistent with manufacturer specification. The ultimate measure of success is better patient outcomes and improved safety. The platform you choose matters. Nuvolo provides a modern, cloud-based alternative to your legacy CMMS solution. Using a structured, hands-on learning process, we also make sure adoption of a new clinical platform is seamless.

Clinical asset management refined.

Nuvolo Enterprise Asset Management for Clinical enables better patient care, higher service productivity, improved compliance and lower costs.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

  • Compliance & Safety
  • Single System of Record
  • Data Quality & Transparency
  • Work Order Management Data

Personalized User Experience

  • Mobile
  • Dashboards
  • Role-Based Access
  • Self-Service Portal

Modern, Cloud-Based Platform

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Flexibility

Feature-Rich Capabilities

  • Mobile-Enabled
  • Digital Procedure Checklists
  • Active Knowledge
  • Integration & Extensibility


It is important for our customers to have simple access to real-time data, reporting and analytics for healthcare technology. We help hospitals make better decisions on productivity, equipment, service contracts and vendor selection. Access to real-time data provides insight into the relative value, safety, performance, reliability and cost of your medical equipment. The result is better, more informed decision making.

Compliance & Safety

Robust reporting and analytics are basic requirements for compliance and safety. Proof is needed for joint commission findings to protect your brand, reduce liability and ensuring better patient outcomes. Used as a single source for clinical asset inventory and work order data, Nuvolo helps you meet the highest standards for compliance and safety reporting.

Single System of Record

Mergers, consolidation and department-based purchases result in multiple, non-integrated platforms. Disparate data and reporting means non-essential equipment and maintenance spend. We manage the entire clinical asset life cycle. Our platform provides operational data, trend reporting, performance data and dashboards. The result is better asset management, less non-essential spend and improved patient outcomes.

Work Order Management Data

Healthcare providers are upgrading their CMMS with our modern cloud-based platform. Everyday work order management is the richest data capture opportunity for healthcare providers. We make it easy to configure fields, add forms and leverage automation to create simplified data capture. The result is better data quality and enhanced operational and financial decision support.

Data Quality & Transparency

In order to measure service performance, meet joint commission requirements and deliver better equipment uptime, your data availability and quality are important. We make it easy to get the right data into the platform and even easier to visualize and report on it. Our real-time reporting and analytics engine provides a 360-degree view of the operation and overall service performance.


The platform you choose matters. Using legacy CMMS means conforming your processes to meet the limitations of the tool. We are built on the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform, with simple, click-to-configure capability. Forms, fields, workflow, dashboards and reporting are created or changed in minutes. The result is an easy-to-use platform that evolves to meet your changing needs.


Clinical engineering delivers better patient care by ensuring that equipment is safe, compliant and operational. The platform has to be always available. Reliable access is essential for service delivery, equipment uptime and quality patient care. We are built on the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform for unprecedented availability and reliability.


The performance of your legacy CMMS is limited by the hospital network. Our modern cloud-based platform delivers a high performance experience from virtually any device with an Internet connection. The traditional constraints of the hospital environment no longer apply. Exceptional performance is our minimum standard.


Industry-leading security and compliance is a minimum requirement. Nuvolo understands the importance of protecting data and ensuring only authorized access to the platform. Best-in-class security comes standard with our platform. Our security capabilities are used today by thousands of enterprise customers globally.


Your legacy CMMS is difficult and expensive to modify and new functionality requests from your vendor take forever. Nuvolo makes custom development a thing of the past. Many customers use our platform out of the box, but you can add a new field, change a work rule, modify a form or create a report in just a few minutes. Flexibility comes standard with our universal click-to-configure capability.


Our customers require a simple solution for processing a service request or managing work orders. Our enterprise portal is easy to use for hospital staff and clinical engineers. You can complete service requests in a few clicks and manage work orders on a mobile device while standing next to the equipment you are servicing.


Your mobile clinical engineering team can access our platform from anywhere on their tablet or smartphone. We also know that maintenance takes place where there is no reliable access. Nuvolo provides offline work order management. A technician checks out work orders before going offline and then syncs their data once back online.


In just a few minutes you can create dashboards that show productivity, compliance, work order queues, priorities and other service management metrics in a visual format. Individual clinical users or management can create their own personal or team dashboards using charts, graphs, lists, meters and other visual formats.

Role-Based Access

For access control and security reasons, you control who has access to what in the platform. Individuals or teams have different degrees of access all the way down to the field level. We ensure that technicians, hospital staff, suppliers and service providers get access to only what you decide is needed.

Self-Service Portal

We support a personalized user experience through use of our web-based portal. The portal is customer branded with a look and feel that is familiar to the staff and engineering team. Nurses and other staff process service requests in just a few clicks from any device, anywhere in the hospital or campus. The result is less frustration, faster resolution and better outcomes for the team and patients.


It’s time to modernize your CMMS. We provide a feature-rich platform to make sure we have you covered. Nuvolo clinical asset management was co-developed by leading healthcare providers. We help our customers be more productive, simplify the service request process, improve equipment safety and uptime and deliver better patient care


Still printing work orders and tethering yourself to a computer? With Nuvolo you can initiate, open, update, submit, check status, view knowledge and close work orders on your mobile device. Scan a bar code, check a part status or read a manual while standing next to the equipment. No coverage is no problem. Manage work orders offline and sync once you are back online. Hospital staff can process a service request from anywhere. Universal mobile capability, on or offline, comes standard with Nuvolo.

Digital Procedure Checklists

For safety and compliance reasons, engineers need to follow manufacturer-specified procedures, especially for planned maintenance. We provide these checklists in digital form within the application. New checklists can be created or updated in just a few minutes. We ensure that tribal knowledge, paper-based checklists and even guesswork are no longer standard processes for services delivery.

Active Knowledge

Clinical engineers need access to the right knowledge. Our platform knows the make, model or device of a clinical asset and auto-populates the work order with the correct knowledge articles, including user manuals, policies, procedures, diagrams and work notes. Active knowledge provides the right information every time to drive better service, lower costs and improved patient outcomes.

Integration & Extensibility

To maximize value and accelerate adoption, our platform integrates with other systems important to clinical engineering. These systems include EHR, parts databases, product and safety recalls, RTLS, ERP, and call center solutions. Our integration and extensibility delivers measurable value to our customers.