You get what you give

Nuvolo is committed to building better communities in the places that we work and serve our customers and partners. Giving back is part of the culture here at Nuvolo and a big part of what makes us great.

Giving back

The company, our team and extended family and friends are always eager to come together and commit time and resources to make a positive impact. We believe that when we give through the workplace, we contribute to our company culture and foster a better team environment. We also believe in giving back to those who have been so generous to us.

Our company has roots in the healthcare and life sciences fields, so our global and community-based partnerships and activities focus on organizations with a health and wellness mission.

We view our commitment to contribute to our communities as an important part of our corporate future. Our headquarters is in Jersey City, so the Jersey Cares organization is close to our hearts. From the beginning of November through the middle of December, Jersey Cares collects winter coats and distributes them to people in need. Tens of thousands of coats are donated each year. Our employees sponsor and organize a coat drive to support the efforts of Jersey Cares.


Manavya, or Humanity, is one of the premiere non-government organizations in India to work with children suffering from HIV/AIDS. Manavya provides residential care and rehabilitation, so that children with AIDS can live dignified lives. Our office in Pune collects books and blankets for these children and stops by for regular visits.


Tyler's Hope Foundation was established to advance research for a cure, discover effective treatments and to promote awareness and education of dystonia.​ Tyler's Hope was created to raise awareness of dystonia so no other child has to experience what Tyler and Samantha went through to be diagnosed.


Apala Ghar is an orphanage as well as a home for the elderly. Our Pune office organizes game nights, outings and other activities for the residents.


Save the Children has helped more than 185 million children globally. In 2015, this organization operated in 120 countries, including the United States and India. Together with the tremendous support from donors and partners, Save the Children transforms children's lives. Each year, we provide an opportunity for our employees to donate to this organization, with our company’s commitment to match all funds. This program gives our employees a chance to support the international community through a workplace-based campaign.


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