Application Consolidation

Rationalize Legacy Applications

Nuvolo’s capabilities together with the power of the ServiceNow platform, render legacy CMMS and EAM applications a thing of the past. 

How many instances of facilities and other integrated workplace management applications existing in your environment?  

At Nuvolo, we help customers rationalize dozens of applications within the enterprise onto our platform. 

Our goal is to help you eliminate application sprawl, cut costs and end swivel chair facilities management. 

Single System of Record

Authoritative Source for Enterprise Assets

Modern enterprise asset management starts with every device residing in a single, authoritative system of record.

  Our ServiceNow platform strategy enables a single source for asset data and service requests, while providing real-time visibility.

 No more swivel chair service management.








Fastest Growing Partner

At Knowledge 17, Nuvolo won the breakout ISV award for fastest growing application in the ServiceNow store.

And we we’re good at customer service too. We also won highest CSAT, Services in North America receiving...

customer rating

Facilities EAM

Modernize Your Facilities Asset Management

Explore our Facilities EAM platform and learn why we’re the fastest growing ServiceNow partner globally

Explore Facilities EAM

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