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The Roadmap to A Connected Campus

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COVID has forced universities to rethink their campuses, from space to facilities to overall service request management. Many universities struggle with these changes because they use manual, disconnected systems, disparate data, broken processes, and spreadsheets to handle the complexities. There is a better way.

The Connected Campus is a building, space, and facilities management solution designed to connect campus services teams. All students, faculty, staff, physical locations, assets, and work reside on one platform, providing seamless collaboration across your campus.

The Connected Campus vastly improves service request management for students and campus support. And implementing campus moves or restructures are handled with ease.

Join us and learn more about how your university can begin its journey to The Connected Campus. 

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  • Kimberly Castle

    Practice Director Workplace Technology Solutions at Buildingi
  • Alan Neill

    VP Business Development and Account Management at Buildingi
  • Ben Person

    Vice President, Global Marketing at Nuvolo
  • Chad Till

    Sr. Solution Consultant at Nuvolo