Oct 13, 2020
By Christopher Revell
Solution Overview

Connected Workplace: Maintenance

It’s increasingly challenging for facilities leaders to keep the modern workplace operational, safe and flexible for an always changing workforce. The Facilities team is required to support a contrasting collection of newer smart buildings or an aging portfolio of structures, physical plants and assets with outdated infrastructure or both. The portfolio is also more complex with a growing percentage of intelligent and Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices and equipment.

As a facilities leader, you’re being asked to do more. You need to deliver workforce flexibility and be responsive to a growing set of demands from senior management. You are challenged with labor, trades, safety, compliance and finite operating budgets. How are you managing your maintenance tasks? Are all of your planned maintenance activities being completed on time and in accordance with standard operating procedures? Do you have a modern, flexible planned maintenance-scheduling capability? Do you have full visibility into your work order queues, routing and when maintenance work orders are received and accepted? How are your third party vendors and suppliers performing? Are you still trying to manage work orders, assets and vendors on legacy CMMS applications, spreadsheets or other outdated software?

There is a better way – a way to empower your team and take back control.

Increase the efficiency and productivity of technicians and equipment.

Our maintenance module is a modern, cloud-based solution that digitally transforms facilities operations. It allows you to manage all work orders, assets and maintenance activity on one
Connected Workplace platform that’s shared across departments. It allows employees to submit service requests from an easy-to-use web portal.

You can automate your work order management, schedule and auto-assign preventative maintenance, ensure accurate asset inventory, unlock advanced reporting, create checklists for equipment inspections; manage parts inventory; conduct facility assessments; manage vendors, track equipment warranties and much more.

Connecting all maintenance management data means your facilities team can track and report on all work and equipment. Providing the dashboards and reports to transform your facilities operations into an efficient and forward-thinking business unit.

Key Maintenance Features:

  • Mobile Access for Field Service Management (FSM)
    Provide your facilities engineers a simple, user-friendly mobile experience, with or without connectivity
  • Vendor Oversight and Accountability
    Track vendor activity, performance service levels, and automate invoices. Compare Vendor Contracts against performance metrics.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
    Gain full visibility into your asset inventory, from performance maintenance to service history
  • Intelligent Dispatch Routing
    Use geo-location mapping and equipment skills matching to intelligently dispatch the right qualified technician for corrective maintenance work.
  • Warehouse Inventory Management
    Perform parts inventory audits for maintenance trucks, stockrooms and warehouses, down to the aisles, shelves and bins.