Jul 08, 2021
By Kate Camerlin

What Is Wayfinding? | Wayfinding in Space Management Software

Wayfinding is the process of navigating to a particular place or location. It refers to all the informational systems and items that point people through a physical space.

If we look at it from this lens, wayfinding is an incredibly broad topic that crosses many disciplines: architecture, design, user experience, mapping, and even psychology. Without proper wayfinding systems, people feel less confident in their surroundings, and they waste time trying to find where they’re going. Incorporating effective wayfinding techniques into a physical environment is vital to creating an efficient, secure space.

Traditionally, signage is one of the most visual aspects of wayfinding, and it is one of the most common ways to provide directional or identification information.

However, digital wayfinding—and wayfinding features within space management software—are becoming increasingly important to helping users navigate indoor spaces. These tools are also especially critical for employers planning their return to the workplace strategies.

Wayfinding—and digital wayfinding software solutions—offer capabilities including:

  • Mobile-friendly floor maps you can update instantly
  • Ability to easily find and reserve spaces
  • Wayfinding kiosks and digital signs you can update in real-time

Read on to learn more about wayfinding software, how it’s used, and why it’s becoming an increasingly important tool for employers and others to use when rethinking spaces.

Update Maps Instantly

With effective space management and wayfinding software, you can ensure your maps are always updated. As soon as you modify a floorplan and publish the changes, they’re available to all your users. This means employees and other consumers always have the most up-to-date layouts and can easily locate the spaces they’re looking for.

Effective wayfinding software is also mobile-friendly. Users can see floorplans right from their fingertips and get push notifications for important updates.

With wayfinding maps:

  • You can search for people, locations, and things
  • Employers can designate and specify any off-limit areas
  • Teams can even locate equipment to perform repairs or schedule cleaning

In addition, some space management and wayfinding solutions enable you to simplify floor plan updates through bi-directional syncing with design software like AutoCAD. This means you don’t have to spend time making changes in two tools. Instead, updates are incorporated seamlessly between the platforms.

Finding and Reserving Spaces

With effective space and wayfinding software, users can book rooms and reserve the workspaces they need. They can use maps to locate desks, workspaces, equipment, and more. Plus, you can click into the floorplans to get an in-depth look at spaces (such as conference rooms and hoteling spaces). You can see details such as what equipment is available, whether the space is occupied, and its total capacity.

Plus, with the right wayfinding and space management platform, you can book the room, and the reservation is instantly updated on your floorplan. This means you can see where your colleagues are sitting and locate open rooms or desks in real-time.

Wayfinding Kiosks and Digital Signage

One other advantage to digital wayfinding solutions is the ability to update kiosks. These stations are strategically located, and they allow users to get detailed information about exactly where they are.

Wayfinding kiosks provide information like:

  • Conference room names and locations
  • Staff directories
  • Floorplans

Kiosks provide more than just a static look at a location—rather, users can interact with the kiosks to get exactly the information they need to navigate where they’re going. This is especially helpful in newly redesigned spaces, or in high-traffic locations that are open to the public.

Plus, with digital signage, you can easily convey information that changes regularly (such as the specifics for an event or conference) without having to manually update each sign.

Wayfinding in the Post-Covid Era

Digital wayfinding has become more crucial than ever for employers who are planning their return to the workplace strategies. With remote and hybrid work becoming increasingly prevalent, it is important for users to be able to book and locate spaces in order to efficiently share desks and hotel spaces.

As employers re-think and rework spaces to account for social distancing and new remote working technology (such as redesigned conference rooms and new A/V equipment), users can leverage wayfinding capabilities to find what they’re looking for, see what rooms are full, and get detailed space information.

Using Nuvolo for Wayfinding

Wayfinding has always been a critically important element within any physical space. With the rise of digital wayfinding solutions, there are more possibilities than ever before to help users find where they need to go.

The wayfinding capabilities within Nuvolo Connected Workplace can help you manage your buildings in several key ways.

  • Facilities teams can easily locate equipment and submit and perform work orders from within the same platform
  • Employees can submit a facility work order request directly from wayfinding maps
  • You can take advantage of bi-directional syncing with AutoCAD to make it easier to update floor plans
  • All facilities and real estate teams share the same platform, so any changes they make to the building or campus layout are instantly updated for all employees to use

Interested in learning more? Watch the video for information about wayfinding, and read about our Connected Workplace Space solution. You can also reach out directly to our team today.

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