Jun 03, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell

How Nuvolo Saved This Company $1 Million on Ladders

Are Ladders Worth a Million Dollars?

On a visit to her service desk location, one of Nuvolo’s convenience store clients kept hearing about ladders being dispatched to stores where IT technicians were headed to fix a problem.  

This seemed strange. Why were ladders being dispatched every time an IT technician traveled to a site to correct some issue?

The client (a self-proclaimed “data junkie”) used Nuvolo Connected Workplace to dive into the analytics and figure out how much this process was costing the company.

As it turns out, the answer was around $1 million a year.

That’s right: they were incurring a $1 million annual expense just for dispatching ladders for IT technicians.

So, why didn’t technicians bring their own ladders? After some further digging, the client found out they weren’t allowed to do so because of some arbitrary contract clause. 

That contract was renegotiated, IT technicians started bringing their own ladders, and the client saved her company an extra $1 million per year.

How’s that for a performance review talking point?

Managing the “Drive-Thru” 

The same convenience store client also shared that her company averages about one “drive-thru” a day. What exactly does that mean?

It means that each day, someone drives directly through the front of one of their stores. As you might imagine, that makes for a lot of work orders.

Now, using Connected Workplace, they automate the work orders for any “drive-thru” incidents. After all, they know from experience which technicians need to be dispatched. 

See More (And Save More) With Nuvolo Connected Workplace Analytics

Here are just a few other examples of cost savings Nuvolo has helped our clients achieve: 

  • Reduction of critical equipment replacement time from 15 days to less than five days.
  • Technicians being dispatched within seconds of critical equipment down work order. (This was achieved with a field services “engine” built to auto-assign work based on business rules.) 
  • A 50% reduction in breached vendor service levels, with vendors self-fixing their own service-level agreements (SLAs) because they’re using Connected Workplace, too. 

To learn more about the convenience store client in this post, check out the full webinar here

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