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The Million Dollar Ladder

Jun 03, 2020
By Leslie O'Connell

Convenience Store Analytics in the Connected Workplace 

On a visit to her service desk location, our very astute and self-proclaimed ‘data junkie’ customer kept hearing ladders being dispatched. The ladders were being sent to stores that already had IT technicians there to fix a problem.  

She dove into the analytics. Turns out they were spending around $1 million a year dispatching ladders to locations that already had IT engineers on-site.   

Why didn’t IT technicians bring their own ladders? They weren’t allowed to because of some strange contract clause. 

The crazy contract was renegotiated, IT brings their own ladders now, for a quick $1 million in savings a year. (Cheers!) 


More Exciting Discoveries in the Connected Workplace 

Our convenience store customer shared that they average about one ‘drive-thru’ a day. Yes, each day, someone drives into the front of one of their stores. That’s a lot of work orders! They now automate work orders for any ‘drive-thru’ incidents; after all, they know from experience what technicians need to be dispatched. 

A different convenience store customer discovered four pump pulls a week, yes folks, someone drives away with the gas pump still attached four times a week. Thankfully, they, too, have auto-generated work orders to fix the problem quickly. 

Here are some other great statistics from our customers: 

  • They are reducing critical equipment replacement time from 15 days down to less than five days, targeting three days by 2021. 
  • Technicians are dispatched within seconds of critical equipment down work order. This was achieved with a field services “engine” built to auto-assign work based on business rules. 
  • 50% reduction in breached vendor service levels, vendors self-fixed their own SLA’s because they’re using The Connected Workplace too. 

If you’d like to learn more about this client’s story, check out the full webinar here