Feb 06, 2020
By Karl Sand

The Hungary Release

It’s time again for another Nuvolo release! Each quarter, we deploy new features, enhancements and updates to our IWMS solution. To help ring in the new year we have been working hard to develop some powerful new features that will help our customers streamline facilities maintenance operations and improve office space management. Here is a sneak peek at just some of the many exciting features that are available in the latest Nuvolo release.

Intelligent Dispatch

When urgent Corrective Maintenance (CM) requests come in from the field it’s imperative that they get assigned quickly AND correctly. Sending out a technician days later, without the right tools/parts, and without the skills to fix that specific piece of equipment, will only exacerbate the problem. If this is related to a revenue-generating asset, or something on which office availability depends, then it is critical to get it fixed immediately.

Using the new Intelligent Dispatch interface, a dispatch agent can identify the best suited technician to assign for critical CM’s. With all the information at their fingertips they can leverage geo-location mapping and skills validation data to intelligently dispatch the right qualified technician and utilize a drag-and-drop interface for scheduling. After the technician has been assigned the work order they receive the appointment notification and location on their mobile device.

Warehouse Inventory Management

Any facilities maintenance manager can tell you how important it is to keep the appropriate, critical asset parts available for a rainy day. Monitoring parts inventory accurately across multiple warehouses, stockrooms and mobile maintenance vehicles is a daunting task.

With the new Warehouse Inventory capabilities in Nuvolo, your facilities team can utilize our mobile app to easily perform parts inventory audits for maintenance trucks, stockrooms and warehouses. These Physical Count and Cycle Count work orders can also be scheduled on a regular basis within Nuvolo.

To help streamline the audit process, the inventory auditor can use the built-in barcode scanner on their mobile device to update inventory numbers in real-time and then route the modifications for review and approval by the assigned supervisor. The solution also includes specific data items to model stockroom hierarchy with Aisle, Rack, Shelf, and Bin Categories. And you can also setup inventory thresholds for each part item. When the inventory goes below that pre-configured number, Nuvolo will automatically trigger a workflow process to order more parts and update the available inventory.

For technicians in the field, they can also use Nuvolo to request specific parts to replenish their maintenance truck inventory. Their request generates a work order to transfer the parts and the technician updated their vehicle inventory when received.

AutoCad Integration Plugin

Importing and updating floor plans from AutoCAD files has been a manually intensive process in Nuvolo, but not anymore! You’re now able to setup validation checks to match specific data items on a Nuvolo “floor record” prior to import.This helps correct identity issues on room names and other related data items before the floor plans are setup within Nuvolo. During the validation process any mapping errors are reported and can be fixed ahead of time. In addition, the import and data mapping processing is much, much, much faster.

Capital Project Management – Gantt Charts

A common activity during project management reporting is linking related tasks as dependencies so that one relies on the completion of another. This same activity will also identify tasks that are NOT dependent on others and can run simultaneously. The best way to visualize these on a project timeline is using a Gantt chart view. The latest release from Nuvolo now has that capability included in our CPPM module. Project managers can now leverage fully interactive Gantt charts with dependency management and task management built-in.

Fixed Issues and Other Improvements

1. Reorganization of Location Hierarchy Fields: this was a request from multiple customers to better define the area calculations.

2. Predefined List of Location Types: to ensure that data modeling is more accurate we have included a default listing of location types.

3. Move Management Operations: for simplified workflow processing we have streamlined the steps from move request to move completion and limited the Move Types options with pre-defined lists.